Julie Fenn, Reiki Master, Published Writer, Events Manager

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Tel. 07598 918453   juliefenn@hotmail.co.uk

Reiki 3 Workshop - Advanced Level


4 full days training (can be split)

Cost:  £400.00

 includes Manual, Attunement and Certificate

Becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher

This training is for practitioners who wish to become teachers or Reiki Masters. 

Reiki advanced ​level helps a person to become more of their authentic self, through awareness,  responsibility and sovereignty; spiritually develops them further and, at this point, challenges arise as the energy works to help them love themselves and others in equal measure.  At this level, there is likely to be a strong sense that everything is connected and practitioners take an active role in their relationship with the universe.

  • Learning the Master Symbol

  • How to Teach and Attune others

  • Reiki Master Attunement            

  • Reviewing Reiki I and II Manuals

  • The nature of Energy and Consciousness

  • Japanese Reiki techniques

  • The Science of Reiki

  • Reiki Ethics

  • An overview of Anatomy, Auras and Chakras

  • Complementary Therapies

  • Creating your own Reality

  • Energy cleansing and psychic protection techniques

  • The 21-day clearing process

  • Living your life with Reiki

  • Writing a Manual

  • Reiki and Business – Insurance, Certification, Associations

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