Julie Fenn, Reiki Master, Published Writer, Events Manager

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Tel. 07598 918453   juliefenn@hotmail.co.uk



Universal healing energy is multi-dimensional and intelligent - it is the stuff of life, the stuff that we are all made of! 

It can, therefore, cut through time and distance so it is excellent for healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, past and present.  

Reiki can:


    boost your immune system

  • relieve depression, sorrow and rage

  • accelerate the body’s self-healing and detox

  • reduce blood pressure

  • relieve heartache situations, loss and grief  

  • relieve pain   

  • raise the vibrational frequency of the body   

  • help spiritual growth and emotional clearing   

  • create deep relaxation and sleep  

  • realign our energy power centres and

  • remove energy blockages  

  • balance emotions and hormones  

  • open up opportunities

  • help in conjunction with allopathic medicine

  • increase vitality

  • reawaken your connection to the Universe  

  • make your heart smile

  • postpone the ageing process  

Grief, Loss or Anxiety

Phobias, Fears or Addictions

Inner Child issues 

Empty Nest Syndrome Low Self-esteem

Let Reiki in, let the universal energy help you to become perfectly re-aligned. 

Empower yourself, so you can empower others.....

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