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Divine Reiki Training specialise in teaching Reiki, a Japanese hands-on healing system.  The "Usui Shiki Ryoho" method enables you to channel universal energy, simply by laying on of hands, to heal disease.

These teachings were invented by Dr. Mikao Usui (b.1865 – d.1926) in Japan, who passed them down to Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and then Mme Hawayo Takata in Hawaii,  who went on to create 22 Reiki Masters when she brought Reiki to the West.


Dr Mikao Usui, who invented the Usui Reiki system 


There are 3 levels of Reiki.  At the first level, you are able to heal yourself, plants and animals, as well as friends and family.  The second, or 'practitioner level' allows you, by law, to practice Reiki on the general public.  Reiki level 3 is the Master/Teacher level which enables you to teach and attune others into the system.


Reiki is easy to learn because it is an innate gift given to us as children of the universe.  I simply guide you on the many and varied techniques and how you can use universal energy safely.  Although very simple, Reiki is highly versatile and can be used alongside many other healing modalities, including allopathic treatments.  


To learn Reiki, you don't need any qualifications, just the desire to heal and an open mind.


Learn Reiki today!  If you'd like a refresher of your existing Reiki level or a top-up attunement, please contact me.  

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Courses can take place at your home (minimum 4 students) or at our venue near Aylesbury, Bucks.  Training can be fitted around your own schedule.


A non-refundable deposit of £50 is necessary to secure a place on the course.

Top-up Attunements available, on request, for existing Reiki practitioners.

Tel:  075989 18453 or e-mail me at 

All courses include fully comprehensive Manual, Attunements + Certificates.      

Julie says:  "When people work with Reiki, they change.  It could take weeks or even years but they change for the better.  I have seen it so often - it's like magic.  People soften, become much more open and trusting, and really start to believe in themselves. 


"I have taught Reiki to men, women, teens, grandparents, carers, builders, artists and taxi drivers...everyone can heal, give the right focus and feeling. Reiki practitioners come in all shapes, ages, sizes, cultures and religions!  Reiki - the life-giver and, so often,  life-saver.  I am passionate about Reiki".


Student inherits a 'Reiki family', part of their Lineage, as outlined below

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Julie Fenn is a fully insured Reiki Master Teacher who has been practising Reiki since 1999.  She is also a spiritual teacher and events organiser.  Julie has studied spirituality for 20 years and has been published in Kindred Spirit and other spiritual magazines. 


Reiki courses are informal and fun but maintain the reverence for the awesome energy known as "Rei-Ki" - universal life-giving energy.

No belief system or dogma is attached to Reiki.  It is practised globally and extends beyond religious, cultural or political boundaries. 

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Me, marketing my Divine Reiki Training w

Learning Reiki - Workshops

are broken down into 3 levels

Reiki I   -  Beginners Course:   1 day - £195 

Reiki II  -  Intermediate Course:  1 day - £195

Reiki III/Master-Teacher - 2 days + a further 2 days:   £450

All training includes certificate, manual and attunements.

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Reiki Practitioners often work together - this is called a Reiki Share

How much does a Reiki treatment cost?

A typical Reiki Treatment costs around £50.  

What Happens in a Reiki Treatment?

Your practitioner will take some personal information such as medical history, name, address, phone number and GP name, for their records.  You can receive Reiki sitting in a chair, lying on a couch or from a distance.  A standard treatment tends to last between 30 and 60 minutes.

In a safe and comforting environment, the practitioner will place their hands on and off your body (avoiding touching sexual areas).  They will check that you are comfortable with being touched if their style is predominantly hands-on, so if you are not, please say and they will switch to hands-off.

Your treatment is given fully clothed, except for your shoes (if lying on a couch).  As in any complementary treatment, make sure you are comfortable by wearing loose-fitting clothes that you can relax in.

In order to help with your relaxation, Reiki practitioners may have dim lighting and calming music.  Some prefer to give Reiki in silence.  If you have a preference, please state it.

Your Reiki practitioner may follow a pre-determined sequence of hand movements or not, depending on what they feel you need.  

You may notice sensations such as heat or cold, tingling or pulsing – all indications of Reiki at work. Some people feel no sensations, however, which is not unusual.


Psychics, Mediums, Healers, Lightworkers! 


Do you need some support or help?

Julie also does support days for healers

and other lightworkers who need top-up attunements, healing or general

spiritual advice.  

If you need some guidance on your spiritual journey, it's ok to ask for 


1 Day Reiki Spiritual Consultancy:  £100



In Usui Reiki, proof that somebody has received the original teachings as defined by Mme Takata, is that they can produce a lineage chart, giving evidence that the Master who taught them was connected to a previous Master, going right back to Dr Usui's original lineage of teachings.


My Reiki lineage extends back to Iris Ishikuro, one of the 22 Hawayo Takata’s Reiki Masters:

George Araki
Dorothy Baba
Ursula Baylow
Rick Bockner
Patricia Bowling
Barbara Brown
Fran Brown
Phyllis Lei Furumoto
Beth Gray
John Harvey Gray
Iris Ishikuro
Harry M. Kuboi
Ethel Lombardi
Barbara Lincoln McCullough
Mary Alexandra McFadyen
Paul Mitchell
Bethal Phaigh
Shinobu Saito
Virginia W. Samdahl
Wanja Twan
Barbara Weber
Kay Yamashita

A lineage is the line of teaching that your teacher has been trained in, similar to a family tree, and signifies the teachings passed from teacher down to student.  Lineages may have differing techniques, philosophies and beliefs about the Usui system of healing but one is no better or more authentic

than the next.  When one learns to be a Reiki Master, it is simply the beginning on an ongoing journey

of self-betterment.  A good Reiki practitioner shows, by their words and deeds, that they

are authentic and honourable.  


Thanks! Message sent.

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